Welcome at the website of Fry Marine. We are a cooperative hatchery for marine feed and fish. We believe that optimal feed and care results in high quality fish. Therefore we created a 'food-chain' for our flatfish. First we produce high quality algae. These algae are used for many purposes, such as zooplankton production. In nature, copepods are the main feed source for marine fish larvae. We produce high quality copepod nauplii to feed our flatfish larvae. Besides this, our larval rearing is enriched with live algae and healthy bacteria. This way of approach ensures us that antibiotics are not necessary.


Further we aim for high standards of sustainability; for example our facility runs completely on solar energy and we re-use over 90 % of our process water. Fry Marine is an innovative company and we are working with several partners in research projects. Feel free to send us a message if  you want more information.