Fry Marine mission

Fry Marine sees a bright future for global aquaculture industry, supported by research institutions worldwide. Our mission is to produce high quality flatfish fry in a sustainable way. Therefore we combine key ingredients for success in larval rearing. We believe that the production increase, which is needed for a growing aquaculture business worldwide, starts with high quality fry.



Fry Marine team

Fry Marine has a very motivated and experienced board, which contains of Adri Bout (Seafarm) and ir. Adrie Cornelisse (Grovisco). These two fishfarmers knows from experience that high quality fry is one of the most important issues in fish farming. From this point of view, they started Fry Marine. First they worked together in research projects and eventually in 2015, Cooperation Fry Marine was established. Daily management is in hands of Joost Cornelisse MSc.. Our dedicated team works every day on the production of high quality turbot and sole juveniles.



The members of Fry Marine