R&D projects

Cooperation Fry Marine is a company with a innovative drive. We always want to improve ourselves and grow in knowledge and quality. Therefore we work together with other (aquaculture) companies and institutes to lift the aquaculture sector to a higher level. Below we have listed our recent research and development projects.

In the summer of 2017 we started a new project: 'Broedhuis paling en tarbot: optimaal resultaat door kennisdeling'. In this project we work together with Glasaal Volendam. Sharing knowledge is the main objective.


Glasaal Volendam and Fry Marine work together on topics, such as reproduction, larval feed and water quality. Turbot and eel are completely different species, this is beneficial for both parties; discuss topics from different perspectives, enhances and stimulates the level of know-how and knowledge.

In September 2017 a new project was launched. It is called Aqua Valley. This is a project with the goal to share knowledge between project partners in the aquaculture business in Zeeland.


In this project, the Fry Marine team is working on several topics, for example: optimization Rhodomonas production by improving light conditions, improve larval runs and induce turbot and sole to maturation.


For more information, please visit the project website.

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Innovation in algae cultivation


Optimizing algae production. This project focused on a sustainable production of high quality algae for aquaculture. This project: "combining forces for valuable algae culture" was supported by the European Regional Development Fund, the Dutch Government, the province of Zeeland within the framework of OP-Zuid.