Fry Marine baby turbot in metamorphosis

As mentioned in our last news update we had spawning turbot broodstock. It took some weeks to learn how to work with the fish in a good proper way. End of July we had a breaktrough with two good spawns. We obtained a lot of good fertilized eggs in a couple of days. These eggs were incubated in our system and developed very well. After 6 days the eggs were hatched. We placed them in our larvae systems. They received algae, rotifers, artemia and copepods. At the moment the larvae are in the metamorphose. This means the fish is turning towards a flatfish. This is a very critital fase for the baby turbots. 


In conclusion this is the first time we made the circle of turbot reproduction. In a couple of weeks, we can transfer the baby fish to the nursery system and in december they are ready to move to Seafarm for grow out.